roadbag® – the pocket toilet for the man

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roadbag® – the pocket toilet for the man


The pocket toilet as a emerceny-toilett for men and boys

Every man knows her: situations in which he has beads of sweat on his forehead and would give everything for a quiet place. roadbag® relaxes this problem!

Whether in traffic jams or at major events, camping or in a sports plane – roadbag®, the practical disposable toilet for men and boys, makes it easy for you wherever you are.

roadbag® is ready to use, handy, safe, hygienic and comfortable – for all occasions where no toilet can be reached

The secret of roadbag® is the superabsorbent: this special granulate inside the roadbag® combines with the urine to form a solid gel. No dripping runs out, unpleasant odors are reliably prevented.

And every roadbag® is accompanied by a refreshing towel for the hands – a thoroughly clean thing.

roadbag® is environmentally friendly due to a favorable calorific value analysis.


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