LADYBAG® – The emergency toilet for the women

LADYBAG® – The emergency toilet for the women


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Queuing in front of the toilet? Being disgusted by dirty toilets? Not drinking so as not to get into that unpleasant situation? By!

Whether in a traffic jam, on the train, camping or at an open-air event – with ladybag®, the practical disposable toilet for women and girls, it’s simply more relaxed:

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  • ladybag® makes itself small in the handbag 52 g light
    and as big as a bar of chocolate.
  • ladybag® can be used immediately.
  • The sturdy handle makes ladybag® easy to handle.
  • The large and stable, anatomically adapted oval handle makes ladybag® safe and hygienic.
  • The superabsorber, a fine-grained special granulate inside ladybag®, absorbs the urine quickly and lets
    no longer get rid of it. Odours are reliably prevented.
  • ladybag® withstands even a full bladder.
    • ideal for urinary incontinence, increased urge to urinate, when travelling or for all other occasions where no toilet is accessible
    • Particularly suitable for wheelchair users, geriatric patients with urinary incontinence, long-distance drivers, at large events

ladybag® can be used standing, sitting and squatting. And every ladybag® comes with a refreshing wipe for the hands an all-round clean thing..

ladybag® is environmentally friendly due to a favourable calorific value analysis.

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