ROADBAG® – The pocket WC for men

ROADBAG® – The pocket WC for men


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The pocket toilet as an emergency toilet for men and boys

Everyone knows them: situations in which they have beads of sweat on their foreheads and would give anything for a quiet place to go to the toilet. roadbag® eases this problem!

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Ob in traffic jams or at major events, camping or on a sports plane – roadbag®, the practical disposable toilet for men and boys, makes it easier wherever you are.

roadbag® is immediately ready for use, handy, safe, hygienic and convenient – for all occasions where no WC is accessible.

The secret of roadbag® is the superabsorber: this special granulate inside roadbag® combines with the urine to form a solid gel. Not a drop leaks out, unpleasant odours are reliably prevented.

And every roadbag® comes with a refreshing wipe for your hands – an all-round clean thing to do.

roadbag®is environmentally friendly due to a favourable calorific value analysis.

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